Automated driver billing

Every driver in the system gets an account with the balance. You can put your drivers on a monthly, weekly, daily or per-order based subscription. A driver on a monthly subscription will be charged every 30 days from his balance. All the subscriptions are constantly repeated until you suspend them. If a driver is set on per-order based subscription, his balance will be charged every time he takes a job. You can also combine monthly and per-order in one subscription.

Drivers can top up their accounts in two ways:

  1. Right from the driver app via credit card payment on your merchant account;
  2. Bring cash to the office and a company administrator can top up their balance manually from the Company Panel.

Drivers can also be given some amount of trial “free” jobs, which is a great tool for drivers to try the service without paying a dime. Once driver’s balance is negative, he will receive an email with notification "you won't be able to accept new jobs". If the balance remains negative, such a message will be send to the driver's email every time his billing period starts.

Please note: drivers with negative balance receive new jobs, but they are not able to accept them.

You can always allow the drivers with a negative balance to accept orders as well. Follow >> Company panel >> Company >> Driver options.

Please note, a driver will only see the “Credit” option in the side menu if he has a subscription.

You can add new driver subscriptions from “Driver” tab in Company Panel by following “Manage driver subscriptions” and then "Add subscription"

Extended Driver's Subscriptions

Naturally, you can put different drivers on different subscriptions. With our new feature, you will be able to manage the driver’s fee and rate according to your preferences.

Example #1 - Passenger Pays with a Credit Card

Let’s say the passenger pays via credit card, which means there is a transaction fee applied. So now you can transfer this fee to the driver and insert it in the “Bank Card” line, so it will be charged from the driver’s balance.

The transaction fee differs within countries, but it is approximately 3%. So every time a customer pays with a card, not with cash, the 3% will be charged from the driver’s account.

Example #2 - Fee for Orders Received via App

The drivers are paying a fixed rate per month for getting the orders through dispatch. But then you have developed and promoted the passenger app, which cost you certain expenses. That is considered to be an additional source for your employees to receive orders.

You could set up an Order Fee in the “Passenger App” line for, let’s say, 10%. That means that your drivers will transfer additional 10% from the order received from the Passenger app to your account.

The driver will see all the fees charged, so this is all clear and transparent.

The list of all the transactions per driver is available from “Driver” tab in Company Panel:

Generate and store detailed reports of all your drivers and all orders to your Google Drive.