You must have a license stating your entitlement to drive for a paid employment which is Motor Cab Service

Under the Baluchistan, N.W.F.P, Punjab, Sind Motor Vehicles Ordinance 1965.

Section 8. Form and contents of licence. 

(1) Every licence, except a licence issued under section 15. shall be in Form C as set forth in the First Schedule and shall have affixed thereto one of the signatures thumb-impressions given on the application for the licence and, one of the photographs referred to in subsection (4) of section 7.

(2) A licence shall specify whether the holder is entitled to drive as a paid employee and whether he is entitled to drive a public service vehicle and shall further be expressed as entitling the holder to drive a Motor Vehicle of one more of the following classes namely:—

(a) motorcycle, 

(b) motor car,

(c) motor cab,

(d) delivery van,

(e) light transport vehicle,

(f) heavy transport vehicle,

(g) locomotive,

(h) tractor,

(i) road roller,

(j) invalid carriage,

(k) any other Motor Vehicle of a specified description