Limofied™ being an on-demand transportation request service, only collect or charge the customer’s credit card once the transportation has been completed and any extra charges (if any) are agreed upon by the customer and driver. When the driver marks the trip as completed, our driver app concludes the trip and places the charge on the customer’s credit card. If in any case our customer is not satisfied by the trip or believes that they were overcharged, the customer can dispute the charge by emailing our customer relations department at (ATTN: Dispute Resolution) within 24 hours.

If the Driver is not satisfied with the level of service they are receiving from Limofied, Driver will need to submit in writing complaint using our feedback form on the website. All the details of the event or incident must be provided in details and the expected outcome of the incident or event. Our compliance team will then look into the matter and investigate by communicating the customer and the driver both. If the charges are correct, then the driver will be paid accordingly, but if the charges are incorrect, then the decision will be notified to the both parties.

Limofied only facilitates the mediation on the initial level. Any further negotiation or dispute resolution in regards to the fare, both sides, driver or customer, will need to use the legal avenue. Limofied has no jurisdictional powers to make decisions if the client does not agree to pay the fare. The driver needs to make a legal claim through local legal channels.

If Limofied™ believes that the charges were accurate, and driver does not need to be restored or adjusted, but the driver still disputes the fare, Limofied™ will invite the Driver to discuss it with the level 2 customer supports in Customer Relations, if that also fails, then Limofied™ will invite the Driver to mediate with the help of Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria as Limofied™ is a Registered Entity in Victoria Australia.

Mediation can usually be arranged within a fortnight, depending on availability of all parties. It will be at a location that is most convenient to all parties within Victoria Australia. For more information on Dispute Resolution, please go to