From 1 August 2016 anyone wanting to provide a rideshare share service is required to meet the new regulatory requirements set out under the Road Transport (Public Passenger Services) Regulation 2002 and the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Regulation 2000.

This means if you intend to drive a rideshare vehicle you will have to:

  • Upgrade your driver licence to obtain a 'D' condition;
  • Present a passed roadworthy certificate and upgrade the vehicle's registration with the appropriate rideshare compulsory third party insurance premium;
  • Obtain rideshare driver accreditation and a rideshare vehicle licence; and,
  • Obtain a working with vulnerable people registration (from 8 November 2017).

For more information on how to upgrade your driver licence, apply for rideshare driver accreditation and the vehicle licence, refer to the Application guidelines.

For information on how to apply for a working with vulnerable people registration refer to the Working with vulnerable people (WWVP) registration page.

If you hold another public vehicle condition on your licence, for example, a 'T' or 'H' condition and want to drive for rideshare, you will still need to apply to have your driver licence upgraded to include a 'D' condition and apply for rideshare driver accreditation and a rideshare vehicle licence.

You can use your own vehicle to drive for rideshare or another person's vehicle. If you are not the owner of the vehicle you are going to drive, then the nominated responsible operator of the vehicle will need to apply for, and be issued with, a rideshare vehicle licence. A rideshare label will be issued with the licence which must be kept in the vehicle when it is being driven for a rideshare service. 

Limofied™ reserves the right to refuse the driver to join as a partner driver based on the presentation of the car or the person. We encourage you to meet the criteria, once you do meet the above requirements, Limofied™ would allow you to join. For certain legal reasons, we may also request to get your Hire Car Accreditation before we allow you to join as partner driver.