Limofied Services Options 

  • PREMIUM ECONOMY - Cars on a cheaper fare with the manufacturing year up to 2001. Cars including hatchbacks, sedans and  SUV. 
  • BUSINESS CLASS - Luxury Sedans not more than 3 years old like Audi A6, BMW, Caprice, Statesman, Mercedes. Vehicle model may vary country to country.  
  • LUXURY - Premium Luxury cars like Audi A8,  BMW 5 or 7 Series or Mercedes S-Class not more than 6 years old. 
  • SUV - SUV cars with minimum six-passenger seating capacity
  • PEOPLE MOVER - Minivans like Toyota Tarago, Hyundai iMax with minimum six-passenger seating capacity. 
  • MotoTaxi - 1 passenger motorcycle taxi only available in few countries. Please check rider app for the availability 
  • Rickshaw - 3 passenger service in selected countries only. 
  • Delivery Boy - Delivery Service for you, your order is our command.